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Wood Slab Tables in Boston, MA

We’ve served numerous east coast cities. From Philly to Boston, we’ve had the opportunity to craft one of a kind live edge and wood slab tables for both residential and commercial use. The great thing about working with us, is that we have our own stock of millions of board feet of raw timber. This means you can have a wood slab bar, counter, or live edge table crafted out of walnut, maple, cottonwood, poplar, you name it. Just imagine what a spalted maple desk or solid slab table will do for your room. Our pieces aren’t just furniture—they genuinely change the look and feel of the space. Each and every one of our live edge creations is unique—no two are ever alike. So whether you’re in South Boston, Back Bay or the North End, we can’t wait to design your next unique solid wood slab piece.

Why are so many from Boston gravitating now toward incorporating wood slab tables into their design aesthetic…perhaps it’s the inherent warmth of wood. Maybe it’s the richness of color and tone. Maybe it’s that natural wood slab tables really do bring that outdoor factor indoors. Our Boston, MA clients have raved about the custom wood pieces we’ve supplied. Of particular importance is that everything we do, every wood slab we put out, every live edge table we create is custom made. Nothing is mass produced and all pieces are guaranteed to be of 100% solid wood.

One of a Kind Wood Slab Tables -  Boston Style

From Commonwealth Ave to Newberry Street, we want to be your wood slab table designer. Our Boston customers have come to us with all sorts of table, wood countertop and even bench ideas. Some bring in drawings, some reference pictures, others just have an idea in their heads that they’d love to see brought to life—this is what we do best. Especially when in Boston, Massachusetts, the trendy settings and some of the chic locales in which we’ve installed our custom wood slab pieces make the items we supply shine even brighter. And that’s the terrific thing about utilizing wood slabs, be it for a table or countertop design, they really do suit a wide array of styles and aesthetics.

Some of the more notable wood slab table designs that we’ve had the opportunity to craft for discerning Bostonians:

  • Industrial. Yes, wood slabs can be used in an industrial setting. The contrast of warm wood and metal make for a very innovative and unique space. Plus, by integrating a wood slab table into your Boston apartment for example, if the space tends toward the industrial, you add a touch of softness and richness. The warmth of wood works with anything.

  • Traditional. While we do a fair amount of live edge wood tables, we can really create any style and type of design you want. So for more traditional rooms, you might opt for a uniform edge, or the plank table look.

  • Contemporary. Less is more. And we’ve done some fabulous contemporary designs using wood slabs. If you choose a lighter color wood for your piece, this helps add to the contemporary and airy feel.

  • Eclectic. Here is where wood slab tables really standout. Many Boston clients do have that eclectic flare working in their homes. A live edge slab table blends right in and adds yet more depth and another element of different and interesting to the space.

We Love Working with Boston, MA Clients

While we’re located in Rochester, NY, we have been making some trips to Beantown. Be it installing custom made tables, measuring for a kitchen remodel complete with wood slab counters, or installing a new bar in a rec room, we’ve had the privilege of supplying Boston with a variety of our handmade designs. And of course, while we’re there we like to take in some of the sights, the Freedom Trail, Faneuil Hall and we can’t forget Boston Common. At the end of the day, we got to install a brand new live edge table or countertop—not a bad day’s work.

We can immediately tell that Boston is a city that takes artistry and craftsmanship seriously. One need only check out the amazing architecture lining Beacon Hill—stunning. So when we receive an order for a  wood slab table to be delivered to the Boston area, we’re all over it!  

Do You Need Wood Slabs For Your Boston Project?

While we do have the capacity to create any wood slab piece start to finish, we also supply just slabs. We can deliver the wood slab in any stage of finish—whether that be sanded and ready to stain, or planed and ready to sand. Whatever Boston based project you have in mind we can accommodate you with a wide array of wood slab species: black walnut, cherry, hickory, birch, poplar, among numerous others.

So why a wood slab versus a completed wood slab table or bar for example…Many of our Boston customers are eager to DIY their own table projects. We’ve even have some request a series of slabs to be used in an outdoor bar / counter project. The problem for DIYers comes with trying to get a hold of a huge slab of oak or maple. You can’t just go to the local box store and pick these up. Not to mention, you want to make sure your wood slab pieces are dried properly. We actually have one of the only high frequency vacuum kilns on the east coast.

And again, we will take the slab to any level of finish you desire. Whatever you want done to make your project spectacular, just ask—we’re flexible!


Hey Boston, Are You Ready to Design Your Live Edge Wood Table?

As we mentioned, our wood slab tables and other such pieces are all 100% unique—never to be duplicated This is largely because we start with an idea—your idea. Sure, you may spot something in the showroom that you like, but more often than not, customers have a vision of what they want their live edge or wood slab table to look like. Sketch it out on a piece of paper, do it on a CAD program, or simply talk it through—we are here to listen. In the end we want you to be completely happy, actually delighted, with your new slab table. It’s in many ways a journey start to finish—and we want to take it with you.

Making The Process is Easy for Our Boston Clients

As we are located in Rochester, NY, the process does work a little bit differently than with our local clients. Some from Boston do come down and check out the showroom and mill site. We have also worked with those in Boston who want to start by choosing the actual log from which their live edge table comes. Yes, we let you pick out the log if you so choose! But of course, given that we live in a highly digital world, there are plenty of ways to communicate your wood table design. You can email it, we can have a conference via Skype—whatever works for you. We’ve even had people from Boston send us pics of the space in which the wood slab table is going to go.

Once we’ve signed off on a design, we can then send a number of pics of the slabs we have that will accommodate your new piece. After that, we get to work on bringing your vision to life. From the raw wood slab to the finishing touches, we want this to be absolutely perfect!


We Want to Be Boston’s #1 Wood Slab Supplier

If you are ready to get going on your wood slab table or live edge design, then we’re ready to listen. Literally, we create almost anything from wood: shelving, tables, benches, bookcases, desks, coffee tables. The list is truly endless. How about a brand new live edge kitchen island, a walnut conference table…We love to get creative!

Just think about what your Boston apartment or business will look like with one of TimberKrete’s amazing wood slab tables installed. The space will look and feel warmer and richer. Call today and let’s start building your Boston, MA solid handmade wood table together!