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No longer just about granite, counter tops (for whatever room of your home, business or restaurant) can most certainly be about wood! We specialize in creating finely crafted one-of-a-kind wood tops to suit your needs and reflect your tastes. 

Kitchen counter tops can be created from rich oak, gorgeous maple or deep walnut. The possibilities for bath vanity counter tops are likewise endless. And we can most certainly accommodate all of your counter needs for any business, cafe, bar or office. 

With an incredibly durable, water resistant epoxy finish, every counter top we hand craft stands up to the toughest situations. Why go with the "same old," when you can get handmade wood counter tops that reflect the rusticity and spirit of nature. 

Beauty Salon Project

-Livonia, NY

TimberKrete Custom - Eastern Cottonwood Tops

Wood Counter Reception Desk
Beauty Bar Top
Wood Top
Wood Counter Top
Rustic counter top
Master vanity wood top

Rustic Master Vanity

(Hand-Stained/Distressed 4" Thick Maple)

-Log Home


We can help you choose the perfect counter top for your next home or office project. With numerous wood species and sizes available, TimberKrete can create one-of-a-kind, handmade tops that will make any room a standout.


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