The Giant Cottonwood& Alzheimer's Research

William and Beatrice Carmel have lived in Bloomfield, NY since 1972 in that house on route 5 & 20, the one that if you drive by you can’t help but be struck by the sheer enormity of the giant Eastern Cottonwood that sits almost squarely in front.


For 44 years now they have been sheltered, shaded and inspired by the grand old tree. According to the DEC’s Registry, this mammoth cottonwood is the fifth largest tree in New York State.

William and Beatrice simply saw it as a part of their home, the stalwart protector that greeted them every single day as they pulled into the driveway.

Next week this enormous cottonwood is coming down. Not wanting to see it go, the Carmel’s reluctantly agreed with the county that the mighty giant was becoming a safety hazard. And that’s when we got to be a part of their touching story...