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Live Edge Slab Tables in New York City

If you can imagine it, we can build it—wood slab and live edge tables, countertops, bookshelves, benches, the list goes on. As we have in inventory millions of board feet of raw timber, we can also accommodate just about any design aesthetic and style you have in mind. From Manhattan to Brooklyn, we’ve worked with both designers and homeowners to outfit residences with gorgeous wood slab tables and other such pieces. Whether looking for spalted maple, black walnut, cherry, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Just imagine what a wood slab piece will do to a room—without question it will become the star of your New York City home, and we want to be a part of that!

Homeowners and businesses alike are gravitating toward the natural look and feel of live edge wood slabs. It just brings an element and dimension to a space that you simply cannot get with other kinds of materials. Our NYC clients absolutely love the custom one-of-a-kind wood slab pieces we create. And that’s the thing, each and every wood piece we do is hand crafted—meaning they are not mass produced, meaning no one else will have your wood slab table. It is something that can be passed down from one generation to the next.  


Crafting Unique Wood Slab Tables -  NYC Style

Whether you’re on Broadway or Fifth Avenue, we want to be your live edge table designer. We love working with New York City clients because we truly get to express our artistic side. Trendy settings and exciting Midtown locations now house some stunning wood slab tables. That’s the wonderful thing about working with wood slabs, they can accommodate a multitude of design aesthetics.  From steampunk to country and everything in between, our wood slab creations really do add to the ambiance of the space.

Some of the more memorable wood slab table designs that we’ve undertaken throughout the five boroughs include:  

  • Industrial. Just because we’re talking about wood slabs doesn’t mean they can’t work in an industrial space. The wood in fact helps to soften the room, especially if you’re going with live edge for your New York City apartment. There’s an undeniable warmth to the wood that works so well in contrast with for instance metal elements.

  • Traditional. We create all types of wood slab tables, not just live edge. For a more traditional look, many have requested plank tables or solid wood tables with a more uniform edge. And we can certainly build whatever you need for your NYC home.

  • Contemporary. Less can certainly be more. Our wood slab tables work amazingly well in contemporary spaces. Especially if you go with a lighter wood such as maple, you get that airy look and feel that enhances the contemporary décor.

  • Eclectic. Here is where the live edge table becomes a NYC standout. Eclectic is about character, it’s about creating interest and there really is no better way to do this than through wood slabs. The richness of the wood and movement of the grain just lend themselves to an eclectic design motif.


We Love Serving Our New York City Clients!

While we’re located in Rochester, NY, we frequently make trips to the NYC area to meet with clients and install custom made tables, counters, and bar tops. There is so much to explore in New York, from the robust art and culture scene, to the culinary gems, to the city streets themselves filled with history and tradition. Be it strolling through Central Park or checking out the 9/11 Memorial, it gives us a chance to connect with the city that never sleeps. And we get to install a live edge table at the end of the day— something we truly love to do!

After all, New York is a city that prizes artistry, that takes craftsmanship seriously. One need only look at the amazing architecture and buildings full of interest and character as seen down Beekman Place or Stone Street. So when we do get an order for a new wood slab table in NYC, we’re pretty excited about the task at hand.

We Deliver Wood Slabs to NYC Customers and Beyond

As mentioned, we have the capability to build just about any style wood slab or live edge table out of nearly any type of wood. We will deliver your new wood slab piece, be it to Brooklyn, the Bronx, or Queens—where you happened to be located within New York City.

We’re also frequently asked to deliver just wood slabs versus an entire table project. Why just a wood slab instead of a finished piece? Many of our NYC customers do like to work on DIY projects. From live edge counters to benches and bookcases, they need the right species and thickness of wood to create their own perfect piece. And getting a hold of a piece of oak or walnut for instance that’s four foot wide by seven feet long isn’t the easiest thing to do within NYC. So we will also deliver just wood slabs as well.

We will take the slab to any level of finish you desire. Maybe you just want us to plane it off and leave it for you to sand—not a problem. Or perhaps you want your wood slab sanded and ready to finish. We can do whatever you need to help make your piece spectacular.

NYC: Are You Ready to Design Your Live Edge Table?

As noted, every single wood slab table and furniture piece we create is unique—not two are ever alike, not even close actually. This is because we start with an idea. Clients come to us with all sorts of ideas for their wood slab table. Some sketch it out, others just tell us what they’re thinking. Regardless of how you get your idea across we work with you to create that perfect wood slab table. We’ve even had some NYC clients do computer generated sketches and submit those for pricing—again, however you need to get the idea across for your wood slab or live edge table, we’ll work with it!


For Our New York City Clients The Process is Easy

As we are located in Rochester, NY the process works just a bit differently when we’re building a custom table for a customer in Manhattan or Staten Island for example. We have had some NYC customers come out to our showroom, but you certainly don’t have to in order for us to create your wood slab table. Those that wanted to start by choosing the actual log from which their table would be crafted did come out to the mill site. As we said, we have millions of board feet available—everything from ash to poplar to birch.

If you can’t make the trip, we can work with you in a few different ways. You can send a sketch—you might even want to send pics of the room in which it will go so that we can get a better feel for what you need. Fortunately in this digital world, we have numerous channels of communication at our disposal—we can make it work so that you get exactly what you desire in the end.

Once we’ve signed off on a design, we can send you multiple photos of the slabs available that will work for your live edge table. And then it’s about getting to work and creating a wood slab piece for your NYC home that’s as much about art as it is about functionality. We truly do take the time with each and every customer to understand their likes, their preferences and ultimately their vision for their new wood slab piece.


We Want to be New York’s Go-To Wood Slab Supplier

If you’re ready to start designing or would like to discuss your New York City based project, we are ready to listen! From live edge countertops to kitchen islands to wood slab coffee tables, we’ve created just about everything and anything you can imagine. And we’d love to do the same for you.

With one of TimberKrete’s exquisite wood slab tables in your Manhattan home you will notice a transformative difference. The space feels warmer, richer and has that unique artistic vibe. Call today and let’s start building your NYC wood slab table together!