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Live Edge Slab Tables in Philadelphia, PA

We specialize in live edge slab tables, solid wood slabs, and pretty much any type of wood furnishing you can think of. With a mill site featuring millions of board feet, numerous wood species to include walnut, hickory, oak and maple, we are able to give our customers one-of-a-kind wood slab and/or live edge pieces that really do make a statement.

More and more, homeowners and businesses alike are moving toward the natural look of wood. That essential rusticity fills a space with warmth and texture. Our Philly clients love the live edge slab look especially. From Center City to Penn’s Landing, we have had the chance to craft some truly amazing wood slab pieces, pieces destined to be handed down from one generation to the next.


Wood Slab Tables -  Philadelphia Style

The City of Brotherly Love certainly has its own distinctive style. From Bucks County to Delaware County and everywhere in between, we’ve seen our wood slab and live edge products utilized in some very trendy settings. That’s the great thing about wood slabs, they can be used in just about any type of design aesthetic.

Some of the more notable designs utilizing wood slabs that we’ve encountered throughout Center City Philadelphia for instance:

  • Industrial. Who said wood slabs can’t be industrial…Even with a live edge, the wood piece serves to soften an otherwise harder edged look, while at the same time bringing that warmth and some color to the space. Contrasted with metal elements especially, you really can achieve an amazing industrial atmosphere.

  • Traditional. Wood slab tables don’t just have to be live edge. In fact we’ve done a number of solid plank wood tables that offer a cleaner, more streamlined look and fit perfectly into a traditional Philadelphia, PA home.

  • Contemporary. Sometimes less is more. With our wood tables, especially using species such as maple or even poplar that are lighter in color, you get that airy contemporary feel that is still inviting without being too heavy.

  • Eclectic. Nothing goes in an eclectic home or office space better than a live edge slab table. They bring so much interest—and depending on the species, so much movement in terms of wood grain.

Why We Love Serving Our Philadelphia Clients!

We love it when we get to come to Philly and meet with clients—who wouldn’t…The art and culture, the bustle of a vibrant city and the rich tradition and history. When exploring Center City, checking out South Philly, or relaxing in Germantown, we are always surprised by something. And this is precisely why we know that our unique tables, counter tops and other such furnishings fit in perfectly with a Philadelphia frame of mind.  

After all, Philly is a city that prizes craftsmanship and a diverse array of architecture—one need only look own Chestnut Street to appreciate what the city has to offer by way of its eclectic buildings and architecture. So when we do get to see the city firsthand and deliver a custom wood slab table to Pennsylvania, we’re pretty happy about that.


Delivering Wood Slabs to Our Philly Customers

We do more than just live edge tables. As mentioned, we can do just about any type of wood slab piece or plank piece…basically whatever you have in mind. That said, we do frequently get asked about delivering wood slabs to the Philadelphia region. We’ve delivered slabs to homeowners in Downingtown, King of Prussia and West Chester among other places.

Why just a wood slab rather than a completed wood slab table…Many people like to undertake their own DIY wood slab project. Getting your hands on a piece of maple or hickory that’s anywhere from four to seven feet long and a couple inches thick though can be difficult. This is where we come in and serve the wood slab needs of those in Philadelphia.

We can take the live edge slab to any level of finish you require. Whether sanded and ready to stain, or just surfaced and left for you to do the sanding, it’s totally up to you. We’ve actually had Philly customer request multiple slabs in a few different species—and we can certainly accommodate.


Philadelphia, Let’s Design a Live Edge Table Together

The great thing about what we do and the wood slab tables and other such furnishing that we sell, is that each one is unique. People come to us all the time with design ideas. Some even have a special tree that they’d like to preserve in some way and thereby create their new wood slab piece. Clients have come to us with hand drawings, computer generated sketches or even just the ideas floating around in their head. We love to take these building blocks of a concept and turn it into a wood slab piece that will last a lifetime.

If you do have an idea for a live edge table or countertop or slab bar top for instance, feel free to get in touch and we would be more than happy to help bring your vision to life!


How Our Wood Slab Table Process Works for Our Philly, PA Clients

Because we are located in the Rochester NY area, the process is a bit different when working with Pennsylvania customers. Now, we have had some from Philadelphia come to our mill site and showroom. Those that want to choose the individual log from which their slab table will be made will often make the trip. If you can’t come up from Philly, PA though, it’s certainly not a problem.

As we said, we frequently work off drawings, and of course we will have consultations during which you describe your ideal live edge or wood slab piece. We’ve even had clients send pictures of the room in which the wood slab table is going to go in order to give us a better sense of size and scale.

Once we’ve signed off on a design, we can send detailed photos of the slabs we have available that will work for your table or countertop for instance. And then it’s our turn to get building. Every single wood slab table and piece we create is an individual. You will never find another like it anywhere in Philadelphia (or anywhere else for that matter). It’s really just about taking the time necessary with our customers whether in person, via phone, or video conference to understand their vision. And then ultimately transform that vision into a finely crafted wood slab table or bench, bookshelf perhaps, desk—you name it.


We Want to Be Philadelphia’s Go-To Wood Slab Table Supplier

If you’re ready to get started on your Philadelphia slab table project, then please do not hesitate to call us. Whether you want a live edge look or a more uniform piece, we can certainly build anything to your specifications. We take pride in our work, in the level of detail, in creating custom bases and also custom finishes.

With one of TimberKrete’s exquisite wood slab tables in your Chestnut Hill or Manayunk home you will feel a transformation take place. The space immediately becomes warmer, more inviting and possesses a distinctive artistic vibe. Call today and let’s build your new live edge slab table together.