Own a Piece of Golf History

"No other game combines the wonder of nature with the discipline of sport in such carefully planned ways." - Tom Watson

Once upon a time, the majestic course upon which many have played was essentially barren, marked only by a few scraggily trees and unplayable grounds. The legend of Oak Hill thus really begins with the transformation of the landscape…

And so, tens of thousands of seedlings and about a hundred years later, Rochester has an incredible club known for its stunning appearance, largely a result of those trees planted so many years ago. Unfortunately, as things change, and as trees age beyond salvageability, they are faced with having to take a number of them down. Rather than just chip them up or leave them in a log yard to rot however, Oak Hill wanted to take this opportunity to do something unique and special with these once vital pieces of this golf club. They wanted to find a way to preserve Oak Hill’s history.

We are working with Oak HIll to honor the legacy of this course and preserve the trees that helped start it all!  

After having harvested the fallen trees, TimberKrete is now busy creating tables, islands, vanities, and other pieces that will embody the Oak Hill legacy through their craftsmanship and through the wood from which they were made. 
We will regularly feature new pieces and will send anyone subscribed to our email list a notification showing the piece and its features. 
Additionally, we can do custom pieces from the legendary Oak Hill trees. This really is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to own a piece of history, a piece of Rochester greatness, and an artifact from a golf course that has hosted some of the most renowned players of all time. 

Our Flagship Piece: The Gathering Table

wood slab table

The perfect bistro height table for any occasion...Over the holidays, imagine family and friends congregating around this piece. The rich tones, hand craftsmanship and style, helping to create that warm and welcoming feel. On the “off season” this table could be anything from a gorgeous kitchen island with more-than-ample storage, to a side board perfect for accentuating your eclectic mix of china and dinnerware, to of course, that pub height table at which your loved ones can relax and share the stories of their day.


This flagship piece, which we are calling the Gathering Table, is hand crafted from tulip poplar which was recently taken from #8 West. The blackened base is composed of in-house fabricated steel with an integrated industrial grade shelf. And the finish on this particular bistro height table is a sandalwood stain with a European clear coat that makes this usable in an outdoor capacity. Wherever you decide to station it, it is as much work of art as it is a highly functional piece of furniture.


We will have wood available from specific trees that once stood throughout the course, denoted by course/hole location, as well as some that may have featured commemorative plaques.

At this time, trees are still in the process of being harvested. We can however, let you know which trees are ready to go. 

By signing up for our Oak Hill mailing list you will be notified as soon as pieces are completed. You can also request a custom piece of furniture.  

Latest batch ready to go to the shop

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